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Welcome to Bop Orthotics
We are an orthotics clinic located in Warrnambool
Bop Orthotics is currently taking a short break for maternity leave, returning to work in late 2024



About Orthotics

About Orthotics

Orthotics are so much more than something that lives inside your shoes: Orthotics relates to any device that supports or corrects part of your body (from the outside). We call that an ‘orthosis’.

Here at Bop, we will custom make, or fit an orthosis that will help you reach your goals

Bop Orthotics - About Orthotics
Shanelle Whitson - Bop Orthotics

About Bop

Bop is owned and run by Shanelle Whitson. Originally from Mortlake - she has now returned home to the South West after working around Australia in a variety of different clinical settings as both an Orthotist and Prosthetist.  


Shanelle is a certified Orthotist and Prosthetist c-OP – AOPA, which means she is accredited to practice within Australia, is committed to fulfilling continued professional development requirements, and is a member of the Australian Orthotic Prosthetic Association.


Our Process


Making an appointment
with Bop Orthotics

You don’t need a doctor’s referral to come to Bop, you can email for an appointment. However, if you have private health insurance, some insurers may require a GP or specialist referral to an Orthotist.

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