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What types of orthoses do you provide?

Bop Orthotics can fit and provide a whole range of orthoses:

Foot Orthotics

Ankle Foot Orthotics (AFO)

Medical Grade Footwear

Cranial Remoulding Helmets for Plagiocephaly

Knee braces

CAM Walker (Moon Boots)

Back braces

Fibreglass casts

And much more, as required. If you have a query on whether Bop can help, just get in touch.


Who are your Clients?

People that come to Bop Orthotics come from all walks (or wheels) of life, and everyone is welcome. 

Our clients may have been born with a disability - such as cerebral palsy, spina bifida or an inherited genetic difference. Clients may also be a person that has acquired a disability throughout their life, such as stroke or traumatic accident.

Clients may also have recently had surgery and need support in the form of a fibreglass cast, a walker or knee brace.

Perhaps a person has diabetes or rheumatoid arthritis and requires custom made foot orthoses and medical grade footwear to look after those precious feet.

They may also be an infant who has developed plagiocephaly, and their parents would like to use a helmet to re-mould the shape of the skull.


How do I pay for your services?

There are several methods of payment for service, private payment, and request reimbursement from private health insurance (if applicable).


NDIS funding




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